NEWS!! Our latest high power 2000 watt kit comes with a new OzEbikes water proof 40A speed controller! This controller is quite small and very robust, much smaller than the old brick style pre-programmed units. Voltage cut off can be changed internally. Standard setting is 42v which is the lowest we recommend for our 12 cell Lithium Polymer batteries. Our controller can be set between 30 and 72v and you can run a 36v pack, our 44v packs, or 48v packs without issue, all that is required is the cut off voltage reset. This motor will run up to 75v but DC voltages over 60v can be lethal and not recommended for the everyday user.


NEWS!! All new motor design with completely redesigned winding layout and much larger diameter rotor has resulted in a unit that can handle up to 3000 watts and produces more torque at less amp draw! New gearbox design with Nylon planetary gears reduces noise to a new low, very quiet running system!


NOTE: We do have a 60A controller available with BlueTooth module for programming via smart phone, this has been run successfully with 3 of our Lithium batteries in series for 75v fully charged, the performance is rather insane!


Our kit comes with everything you need to convert a regular Diamond framed bike to electric power. We use a custom 3 phase brushless in-runner motor with external sensored speed controller, designed to run on Lithium battery packs. The motor runs through a sealed planetary gearbox. The output shaft runs a standard pitch sprocket that will take 8-9spd chains, and features a freewheel sprag clutch built in, this allows the motor to drive the bikes gear system without you pedalling, or sit idle with no load on the gear system while you pedal.


The combination of high torque 3 phase brushless motor, planetary reduction gearbox, and the direct drive through the bikes own gear system results in a bicycle that is very versatile and has very hi torque, able to climb steep hills through the low gears or cruise along  on the flats at a rapid pace with only light pedal input! Overall power is many times more than any hub motor setup can produce, and that power runs through your gears, unlike a hub motor that has a single geared speed.


Picture shows new 2000w hi torque motor with black crank set. Note bag not included.



The supplied crank-set is the top model ISIS DRIVE available and is a double chain wheel plus drive sprocket for the motor. The outer sprocket is spaced further than a regular crank set and runs the drive chain from the motor. The second and third sprockets are the main gear sprockets and carry your existing main chain to the back gear cluster. Our outer and inner sprockets are the more expensive heat treated alloy, saving almost 500g in weight over the regular steel crank sets.


So what you end up with is 2 main sprockets at the front much like your original gear system, your derailers will operate all the gears as normal, the only difference is the front gears will only change between 2 sprockets, small and large.

Our cranks feature a freewheel sprag clutch as well, this allows you to pedal the bike as a regular bike without any interference from the motor, or let the motor run without having to pedal.


NOTE: Our standard 2000W Crankset is built with 44T chain wheels for both motor and main drive, this gives us the best ratio between the motor and the cranks for a good balance between torque and speed, this setup can reach 60+kmh on the flat without pedalling when fitted to a regular 26” mountain bike, a hybrid or flat bar road bike will usually be faster. My 26” test bike has done 64kmh into a strong headwind running the 14/44 ratio. We can also build custom cranks with various combinations of chainwheel.


Note: Buying a kit with the basic single sprocket for the front really limits your climbing ability as you have no small 34T sprocket to drop down to when climbing very steep hills. This is why we don’t bother to offer the cheap steel crank set that other sellers include standard.



We supply a new custom made 14 tooth motor sprocket with the 2000w setup, this is a new freewheel with stronger mechanism forged in chromalloy. 14T is a good balance between speed and torque, and with the rear gearing you get the best of both worlds. You can even run a 15T for a higher top end, it will sacrifice lower end torque but with so many gears to use the effect is not so drastic!



We supply a special triple bearing sealed cartridge bottom bracket with an extended axle so that your left pedal clears the back of the motor housing. The bottom bracket is standard English fitment and is adjustable 68-73mm long via a new long left hand cone to support the motor mounting plate. It will fit all older bikes with an English BB and many newer bikes that have an external bottom bracket that screws into the frame, 68-73mm is easily covered.

We also have custom bottom brackets with 170 and 190mm long axles that are suitable for most Downhill frames and even FatBike frames which have very wide 120mm BB’s!


The motor mount for the 2000W kit is a new design that hangs off the bottom bracket and helps to reduce the issue of mount and frame flex from the high torque our motors produce. It also allows fitment to many suspension bikes and bikes with odd shaped frame tubes that would normally not accept the alloy clamp mount. The mount is strong enough for our 2000w kits but will benefit from extra strengthening for those who want to run higher voltages and push the motor closer to 3Kw. The chain tensioner is a new design with a coil spring that is easier to install and adjust the chain alignment.


Installation shows an optional sealed bearing alloy jockey tensioner wheel


NOTE: We assemble all motor mounts before shipping, when you are ordering from us you will be asked questions about the width of your bikes BB frame tube, and for photos of your bike so we can make sure the motor assembly is a drop in fit. There are a couple of hours of work involved in setting up each kit but I feel this is necessary in order to offer the customer a tailor made conversion that requires minimal work to install.



The speed controller supplied is a new OzEbikes sensored brushless controller rated at 40A continuous with a 90A burst rating. This new controller is waterproof and can be set for voltage cut off inside. It has no power ramp down as your batteries get low like the Kelly controller; it will provide full power right up to cut off. We recommend the cut off be set to 42v minimum, this helps to protect our battery packs while still allowing you to use 90% of available capacity. It is very important you do not drain your lithium batteries too low, you can damage the cells, so soon as you hit cut off the first time you should stop using the motor.

Our controller has wiring harnesses for cruise control and power level, we have a switch assembly available to add cruise and power level settings to your bike, if you are interested in this please ask for more information and pricing.


NOTE: Again we do the hard work, your Controller will come pre-wired with plugs and anti spark resistor fitted, you will receive a series harness for your batteries if you are ordering batteries with the kit. All unused connections are insulated and heat shrinked out of the way, connection is simple. We also supply bolt and strap to fit the controller to one of the drink bottle mounts on your frame. We remove unnecessary plugs and use hi temp heavy gauge silicon wire for all battery extensions.



We supply a YBN Heavy duty 9spd chain for your motor to crank drive, these chains are very strong and long lasting, they are also the quietest we have tested and overall smoothest running chain for the driveline.



The throttle is a twist grip much like a motorbike and comes with matching rubber grips for your handlebars. All the wiring is pre terminated and simply plugs together. There is a power switch on the throttle assembly so that you can switch the system off and an LED light system to show the battery capacity. The LED lights are not super accurate so it’s best not to use them to judge when your batteries are close to flat. Our controllers all have cutoffs set into them, the controller supplied with this kit cuts off at 42v which is the minimum we recommend for 12 cell lithium polymer battery packs.

NOTE: Most throttles interfere with Shimano gear levers, we recommend swapping your shifters to our Sunrace rapid fire as both levers are at the back, we have 6, 7, 8 and 9spd available. If you have SRAM shifters you are good to go, all that is needed is to trim 2-3mm of plastic off the top tip of the large lever so it clears our throttle casing.


Throttle pictured is premium ORO product and is what we supply, it is the best looking and fitting of the available throttles.


We have available an optional tough long nylon bag that straps under your frame top tube and can carry up to two 16Ah  battery packs. The photo below shows the 2000W setup fitted to one of our test bikes with the older style smaller bag.

With 50v 12Ah battery packs the 2000W bike below has reached 64kmh on the flat without pedalling, with a 100kg rider! Due to the high torque and power full throttle is not needed as much with this setup, I have calculated that riding around 25-30kmh average speed with pedalling our 12Ah battery set will get 35km range, maybe even more, its very hard to predict due to rider style and terrain, wind direction etc. Please note, we rate the long bag only to carry two 16Ah batteries maximum, more weight then this will cause the bag to fail over time, for heavier batteries you should use our LUNA frame bag.


Our 2000w test bike, full throttle settled power recorded on the Batteryman meter is 1950 watts when running our 16Ah 12c 44.4v lithium polymer batteries. One of my hard tests is a 16km run that has long steep climbs in both directions, I do this ride using the motor almost the entire time, usually at full throttle with light pedalling. With the new setup I managed 30mins and 7500mah consumed from the battery packs, a very impressive real world result.


Photo above shows our optional LUNA frame bag fitted up, this bag will carry up to 4 battery packs, I carry two 16Ah packs as well as water bottle and other things, it’s the best value bag on the market and gives great balance to the bike as well as looking good. You can find the bags on our bag page.



Two of our 22.2v 12Ah or 16Ah EXTREME POWER Lithium Polymer battery packs. (22.2v is nominal rating used by most factories, fully charged is 25v) The two batteries are connected in series for 44.4v nominal, 50v fully charged. We fit T plugs to the batteries and supply a Series harness with each pair that connects to the bike. We recommend the CARBON CD1+ DUO charger or the new CD3 DUO charger for this system, our chargers are 2 in one case, you can charge both batteries at the same time!


Our bikes will climb the steepest fire trails on their own in low gear, or you can power up a trail by pedalling and running at full electric power, once you have experienced a high power Electric Assist setup like this you will never go back to riding off road without it! Our system will peak at around 2000 input watts on 50v batteries, we have measured this in real time with our E-meter equipment, unlike other sellers we deal in electronics daily and have an extensive workshop for testing and fabrication.


Longevity: The freewheel clutches in our cranks and motor drive are good quality and made in Taiwan, don’t be scared off by talk that these clutches fail quickly, my own has been running for over 2 years regularly, and these clutches stand up to the torque of the 2000W system without trouble. In the event you manage to wear or break one of the free wheels they are available as spare parts for an enormous $33.00 each! J



• 2000 Watt 3 Phase BRUSHLESS inrunner Motor. (input power rating comes from actual testing under load)

• Sealed Planetary Gearbox (motor and gearbox assembled and tested).

• 14T heavy duty welded motor sprocket for best balance of performance.

• BB Motor Mounting Bracket with coil spring chain tensioner, bracket is assembled ready to install.

• OzEbikes 40A cont’ 90A burst waterproof Speed controller.

• 44/44/34T Alloy/Steel/Alloy Crankset with freewheel hub, Black anodized.

• Sealed 68-73mm triple bearing ISIS Bottom Bracket with extended LH Axle.
• 170mm Left & Right light Forged Alloy ISIS Crank Arms black anodized.

• YBN 9spd heavy duty drive chain for connecting motor drive to cranks.
• Custom ORO 48v Twist Grip Throttle with wiring loom.
• 2x Handlebar Grips.
• Battery connecting harness with heavy duty 5.5mm bullet plugs and anti spark pre-fitted.






Riding an Electric bicycle can be a dangerous activity, OZ-eBikes cannot be held responsible for accidents or injury caused by your use of these products. It is your responsibility to ride in a safe manner using appropriate safety gear and to follow your states road laws for bicycles. Our warranty responsibility is limited to the products supplied only, and warranty is provided for the supplied products only if they are used as intended. Any modifications of the equipment, use of incorrect batteries or chargers etc will void the warranty. By purchasing any kit or parts from us you agree to all our terms and conditions. For the full terms and conditions please go to our TERMS & CONDITIONS page.



This 1800 watt kit is sold for offroad use only, as it is above the 250w legal power limit it can not be ridden on public roads. Ride at your own risk, please read our terms and conditions and follow your local state and country laws regarding electric bicycle use.