Our kit comes with everything you need to convert a regular Diamond framed bike to electric power. We use a custom 3 phase brushless in-runner motor with built in sensored speed controller, designed to run on Lithium battery packs that measure 25-26v fully charged. The motor runs through a sealed planetary gearbox. The output shaft runs a standard pitch sprocket that matches most bike chains, and features a sprag clutch built in, this allows the motor to drive the bikes gear system without you pedalling, or sit idle with no load on the gear system while you pedal.


The combination of high torque 3 phase brushless motor, planetary reduction gearbox, and the direct drive through the bikes own gear system results in a bicycle that is very versatile and has very hi torque, able to climb steep hills through the low gears or cruise along  on the flats at a rapid pace with only light pedal input! Overall power is many times more than any hub motor setup can produce, and that power runs through your gears, unlike a hub motor that has a single geared speed.


Picture for illustrative purposes only, some fittings may be slightly different in the supplied kit




The supplied crank-set is the top model available and is a double chainwheel plus drive sprocket for the motor. The outer sprocket is spaced further than a regular crank set and runs the drive chain from the motor. The second and third sprockets are the main gear sprockets and carry your existing main chain to the back gear cluster. Our outer and inner sprockets are the more expensive heat treated alloy, saving almost 500g in weight over the regular cranksets.


So what you end up with is 2 main sprockets at the front much like your original gear system, your derailers will operate all the gears as normal once the front one has been adjusted to suit 2 sprockets, the only difference is the front gears will only change between 2 sprockets, small and large.


Note: Buying an Ebay kit with the basic single steel sprocket for the front really limits your power as you have no small 34T sprocket to drop down to when climbing steep hills. This is why we don’t bother to offer the cheap steel crank set.


Note: motor mounting bracket in photo is old style, current kits will have sprocket guard included.



We supply a sealed bottom bracket with an extended axle so that your left pedal clears the back of the motor housing. The bottom bracket is standard 68mm cups and will fit most older bikes and many newer bikes that have a regular bottom bracket.




The throttle is a twist grip much like a motorbike and comes with matching rubber grips for your handlebars. All the wiring is pre terminated and simply plugs together. There is a power switch on the throttle assembly so that you can switch the system off and a 3 stage LED light system to show the battery capacity.



We also supply a tough nylon bag that straps under your seat or under the top bar of the frame and can carry up to two battery packs. The photo below shows the complete setup fitted to one of our bikes. With our 22.2v 10Ah battery pack we can maintain 25kmh genuine speed with light pedalling along level surfaces and get well over an hour of constant running from the system. Of course you can pedal faster, but the motor will not assist you above 25kmh in the road legal setups.



Our bikes will climb steep fire trails on their own in low gear, or you can power up a trail by pedalling and running at full electric power, once you have experienced a quality Electric Assist setup like this you will never go back to riding on or off road without it! This conversion will peak at around 250-275 watts under full load but is a rated 250w system and road legal if all sensors are installed.



One or two of our 22.2v 10Ah EXTREME POWER Lithium-NiCo’ or LifePO4 battery packs. (22.2v is nominal rating used by most factories, fully charged is 25-26v) Using two of our batteries in parallel gives double the run time and the best power output possible, our battery bags are designed to take 2 packs anyway and our batteries are half the price of others!



Our Motor kit is easily mounted on most diamond frame bikes with the supplied mounting bracket set & hardware. The kit is supplied with all parts listed above, we are happy to help via email with any installation issues. We fit plugs for the battery connections and test the complete set on the bench before shipping.


You will need some simple bike tools, a crank puller, a chain press, and a bottom bracket spanner. We will be stocking these tools in the near future; all are available at your local bike shop.



• 200 Watt 3 Phase BRUSHLESS Motor with inbuilt sensored speed controller.

• Sealed Planetary Gearbox & 14T Freewheel sprag clutch sprocket (factory assembled and tested).

• New Bottom Bracket mounting kit same as all our other kits, much simpler mounting!

• 44/44/34T Alloy Chain-wheel Crankset with built in Freewheel sprag clutch.
• Sealed ball bearing Bottom Bracket with extended LH Axle.
• 170mm Left & Right Forged Alloy Crank Arms & bolts.

• Drive chain for connecting motor drive to chain wheel.

• Handlebar twist grip throttle with cable.

• 2x Handlebar Grips.
• Pre-terminated wiring with heavy duty T plugs pre-fitted.

NOTE: You will need a rack or bag to hold your battery pack.



(Unfortunately Headline motor factory is charging a lot more for motors since 2016)





Riding an Electric bicycle can be a dangerous activity, OZ-eBikes cannot be held responsible for accidents or injury caused by your use of these products. It is your responsibility to ride in a safe manner using appropriate safety gear and to follow your states road laws for bicycles. Our warranty responsibility is limited to the products supplied only, and warranty is provided for the supplied products only if they are used as intended. Any modifications of the equipment, use of incorrect batteries or chargers etc will void the warranty. By purchasing any kit or parts from us you agree to all our terms and conditions. For the full terms and conditions please go to our TERMS & CONDITIONS page.



This 200w kit is the legal power limit that can be ridden on public roads. Ride at your own risk. NOTE: We cannot be held liable for any issues that may arise with road use as this is a kit intended to be installed by the end user, we cannot control the installation process which is why we wire up and bench test every kit before shipping out. The onus to meet Australian Road legal requirements falls upon the user of the product.