2000-4000 WATT CUSTOM APACHE FatBike!

(Bike only, batteries and charger sold separately)


Up for grabs is our latest custom build, the FLUID Apache FatBike! This is not a stock off the shelf Apache, it’s a modified bike with upgraded brakes and drive components more suitable to its potential! It looks hot, it rides great, and the potential for rooster tails of sand powering across the dunes is REAL!


● The Apache runs a nicely built all alloy 6061 frameset (18 inch frame size, 175-185cm rider give or take) and alloy forks with steel steerer tube. The stock bike is actually quite light for a FatBike, lighter than many cheap mountain bikes!

● The stock junk headset has been replaced by the top model NECO cartridge sealed bearing headset, smoothest steering assured!

● Driveline is current series Shimano ACERA Shadowline derailleurs connected to our sunrace M90 rapid fire thumb shifters. The factory chain has been tossed and a heavy duty YBN 9spd chain has been fitted, the YBN are some of the toughest chains available.

● Brakes have been upgraded to AVID Elixer hydraulic discs, front disc is 203mm!

● 4 inch wide FLUID wheelset with Kenda JUGGERNAUT tyres, great all round tyres with huge grip levels.

● FSA Extended headstem for extra reach, will supply stock shorty headstem with bike.



The all important part is the MID DRIVE!! Installed is our top model drive system featuring our 3Kw motor and our top model 60A/100A BlueTooth controller. Custom 120mm bottom bracket fully supports the motor assembly. Cranks are our top model 44/44/34 with heavy duty freewheel, motor drive sprocket is our heavy duty 14T model.

Throttle is our twist half grip with LED voltage readout, fitting in perfectly with our Sunrace M90 shifters, allowing gear changes without having to lift you hand off the bars to reach around the throttle!

Motor drive chain is the ultimate MACK Half Link chain from YBN, toughest chain ever!

The bike is fitted with a LUNA triangle frame bag which will carry up to three of our 16Ah 25v lithium polymer battery packs.



Running on two of our 16ah battery packs at 50v the bike has huge performance, top speed around 60kmh with enough torque to climb the steepest of hills on its own! Drop down into the low gears and practice your wheelies, but be careful as you can flip the bike easily with the power on tap.

Run three of our 16ah battery packs and we are in insane territory, 75 volts gets the motor pulling close to 4000 watts, but its not outright speed we want from a bike like this, its torque, get it onto sand and you will be able to rooster tail up the dunes!



This Apache is an ex display bike, it was purchased by us (for conversion) as a new ex display model, it has some scratches on the frame in places due to being moved around on display stands in the shop. Mechanically the bike is new, it is being sold as a demo due to the marks on the frame. All components are new including the upgraded parts, and the bike has travelled less than 20kms, enough to adjust and check all components. The frame size is 18 inches, suitable for someone 175-185cm give or take. Sizing is not so critical with hi powered electric bikes, in fact a bike that is slightly bigger than you would usually ride can be easier to handle when electrified!




Two of our 22.2v 12Ah or 16Ah EXTREME POWER Lithium Polymer battery packs. (22.2v is nominal rating used by most factories, fully charged is 25v) The two batteries are connected in series for 44.4v nominal, 50v fully charged. We fit XT90 plugs to the batteries and supply a Series harness with each pair that connects to the bike.


We recommend the CARBON CD1-XR DUO charger or the new CD3 DUO charger for this system, our chargers are 2 in one case, you can charge both batteries at the same time! Our batteries are affordable as they don’t run internal balancers or output regulation, our chargers do all the balancing and maintenance of the battery.



Our bikes will climb the steepest fire trails on their own in low gear, or you can power up a trail by pedalling and running at full electric power, once you have experienced a high power Electric Assist setup like this you will never go back to riding off road without it! Our system will peak at around 2000 input watts on 50v batteries, we have measured this in real time with our E-meter equipment, unlike other sellers we deal in electronics daily and have an extensive workshop for testing and fabrication.


Longevity: The freewheel clutches in our cranks and motor drive are good quality and made in Taiwan, don’t be scared off by talk that these clutches fail quickly, my own has been running for over 2 years regularly, and these clutches stand up to the torque of the 2000W system without trouble. In the event you manage to wear or break one of the free wheels they are available as spare parts for an enormous $33.00 each! J



• 2-4000 Watt 3 Phase BRUSHLESS inrunner Motor. (This kit set up for 50v 2000w).

• Sealed Planetary Gearbox (motor and gearbox assembled and tested).

• 14T heavy duty welded motor sprocket for best balance of performance.

• BB Motor Mounting Bracket with coil spring chain tensioner, bracket is assembled ready to install.

• OzEbikes 60A cont’ 100A burst BlueTooth programmable Speed controller with XT90 AntiSpark plugs.

• 44/44/34T Alloy/Steel/Alloy Crankset with freewheel hub, Black anodized.

• Sealed custom 120mm triple bearing Diamond Bottom Bracket.
• 170mm Left & Right light Forged Alloy Crank Arms black anodized.

• YBN heavy duty MACK Half Link drive chain for connecting motor drive to cranks.
• Custom 24-72v Twist Grip Throttle with LED display and key switch.
• 2x Handlebar Grips.






Riding an Electric bicycle can be a dangerous activity, OZ-eBikes cannot be held responsible for accidents or injury caused by your use of these products. It is your responsibility to ride in a safe manner using appropriate safety gear and to follow your states road laws for bicycles. Our warranty responsibility is limited to the products supplied only, and warranty is provided for the supplied products only if they are used as intended. Any modifications of the equipment, use of incorrect batteries or chargers etc will void the warranty. By purchasing any kit or parts from us you agree to all our terms and conditions. For the full terms and conditions please go to our TERMS & CONDITIONS page.



This 1800 watt kit is sold for offroad use only, as it is above the 250w legal power limit it can not be ridden on public roads. Ride at your own risk, please read our terms and conditions and follow your local state and country laws regarding electric bicycle use.