Battery chargers are a very important aspect of E-Vehicle setups, and while the cheap plug pack chargers may work ok, they are not as accurate as a purpose built Lithium balance charger, and many of them have low tolerances and build quality, often included for free with battery packs. They are also fairly slow to charge large battery packs, often taking 8 hours or more.


Our views are a little different to the norm, why supply a cheap charger with an overpriced battery pack made with laptop cells? Wouldn’t it be better to buy batteries that were just that, batteries, no built in balancers, no built in current limiters, just a straight hi power battery pack with external balance leads.  Add to this a computerized balance charger that will work with all the lithium batteries you buy, as well as with almost every other rechargeable battery type available on the market!


Batteries are a consumable item, you should expect to replace them every few years, sometimes they die in 12 months, 99% of the time failure is due to the user not adhering to strict handling and storage guidelines, for example its easy to recharge your battery after a ride and then leave it sitting for weeks to months on end, forgetting that a fully charged battery can be irreversibly damaged within a few months (the cells lose their ability to output current, the voltage sags out when you put them under load) whereas a battery charged to storage level (55-60%) will last for a very long time, years if stored in a cool dry place.


A cheap plug pack style charger cannot do storage charge, it cannot look after your batteries as well as a computerized balance charger can. My opinion is spend money on a great charger, and don’t waste huge $$$ on batteries that are going to wear out in a couple of years regardless what the seller tells you.


Yes there is more to learn with a proper balance charger, but setting them is easy, and once you know how to, you appreciate the speed and quality of a good charger.


                      GT607D                                        CARBON CD1+                      GT-V6 & 30A SUPPLY








Riding an Electric bicycle can be a dangerous activity, OZ-eBikes cannot be held responsible for accidents or injury caused by your use of these products. Our warranty responsibility is limited to the products supplied only, and warranty is provided for the supplied products only if they are used as intended. Any modifications to the equipment, use of incorrect batteries or chargers etc will void the warranty.


Lithium batteries are dangerous and must be handled with care, if they are dropped and there is visible damage or deformation of the case you should seek expert advice before continuing to use the battery.


We highly recommend purchasing a small $10.00 steel toolbox from Bunnings or BigW to store your batteries in when not in use. Batteries should be stored outside the house. Batteries must be charged with a specified LiPo charger, we are not responsible for any issues that arise if you use a charger other than the ones we recommend. Our chargers are computer controlled and have advanced settings to ensure the battery cannot be left charging continuously, our chargers automatically shut off when the battery is fully charged.


OZ-EBIKES checks and records the battery pack voltage for every Lithium battery pack before we send them out. OZ-EBIKES then warrantees all packs to have proper assembly and cell voltage at time of purchase. In the event that a customer finds defects in materials or assembly workmanship when the goods are received but unused, OZ-EBIKES will replace such packs within Australia after inspection if they are deemed to be faulty.

OZ-EBIKES does not offer a general warranty for battery packs which have already been charged and discharged, or for which claims are made more than one week after receipt of said battery packs by the customer. Because the majority of Lithium Battery problems occur after initial use and are due to over charge/discharge of the packs, it is in most cases difficult to determine the cause of failure, and requires inspection by the manufacturer.


For packs that have been used and which the customer believes are defective, OZ-EBIKES & their manufacturer have agreed to have these inspected at the factory, and replaced if defects are found. In the event that the pack is found not defective or has been damaged by misuse, the pack may be returned to the customer if desired, at the customer's expense.


There is no warranty, expressed or implied, by the manufacturer, distributors or retailers with respect to capacity, life in cycles, storage or discharge characteristics available.


By purchasing any complete kit, battery pack or individual parts from us you agree to these terms and conditions.