Oz-Ebikes is an Australian business based in Melbourne, we import and retail electric bike conversion kits that can be fitted to almost any conventional geared bike on the market. Our kits do not require you to replace wheels, or deal with low torque hub motor setups, our kits are direct drive through the existing gear system resulting in incredibly high torque with excellent hill climbing ability as well as high speed. With the ability to use 2 chain wheels at the front and all the rear gears your bike has, our bikes will climb the steepest trails on their own in low gear! We have torn up tyres during testing on fire trails too steep to walk up!

Our Electric bike conversion components are sourced from the leading E-Bike producers in Asia and have been extensively tested by our team on 3 mountain bikes since early 2010. We have tested 200w, 500w, 1500w, 2000w & 3000w systems with great success. We have converted MTB, Flat bar road bikes, Hybrids, FatBikes, Folding bikes, recumbants and even tricycles with our kits!  All our kits feature the highest quality components currently available, parts are chosen for their build quality and compatibility with most of them made in Taiwan in leading industrial factories.


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